Red Wine and Chocolate Product Photography

About Us

J-Squared Studios

Julien Fleury founded J-Squared Studios in 2017 with a mission to bring photographers together to collaborate, work, and follow their passion for photography.

The studio was designed specifically for photographers by photographers. It offers both the ideal environment and equipment needed to succeed in such a competitive industry. Professional photographers and photo students alike can use the studio to finesse their skills and gain the expertise needed to land project after project.

Serving the Community

To show its support for the local artist community, J-Squared Studios periodically holds gallery showings to display an individual’s prized works. Fellow artists, creatives, and the general public are invited to the studio for an intimate gathering to marvel at artist expression like no other. Showings are free of charge to the public and will be announced once scheduled.

Julien Fleury

Julien Fleury

Julien grew up in France and spent most of his formative years in Europe before putting down roots in Austin, Texas. He discovered his love for lighting while studying photography at Austin Community College. His travels abroad led him to develop a passion for fine food and drinks, which has, unquestionably, influenced his photography specialty. Whether he’s shooting food, beverages, or products, Julien uses his photographic artistry and expertise to tell a product’s distinctive story. What should your product’s story be?

Julien welcomes the opportunity to bring your product to life. All you have to do is contact him.